Dima Stefanova

As a designer and the founder of the knowledge sharing network Show-How Show-How, which promotes the transmission of tangible knowledge encapsulated in traditional techniques, recipes and story telling I have been tracing people and places that hold such valuable heritage and recording them ever since to ensure their preservation. In my mission to do so, I explore ways to encourage others to find a responsible and sensitive way to capture and pass on this legacy, which I believe may hold an answer to the sustainable transition we urgently need. Throughout my experience in initiating cultural programs since 2015, within the framework of summer programs for creative thinking and design, I have been able to develop a specific approach of knowledge exchange and dialogue within international and cross disciplinary settings.

Photography © Dorian Todorov

Dima Stefanova member photo - designer, curator and founder of Know-How Show-How
designer, curator and founder of Know-How Show-How
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