Victoria Staykova

Victoria Staykova is a talented artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. She holds a degree in "Book and Print Graphics" from the National Academy of Art and has further specialized in "Illustration: Author's Practice" at Falmouth University in England.

Professionally, Victoria focuses on book layout and design, as well as projects related to creating visual identities and concepts for the cultural sector.

Her artistic practice revolves around science fiction and the urban environment. Victoria actively designs and leads workshops in the field of books.

Moreover, Victoria plays a vital role in Avrtikl, the first bookstore in Sofia dedicated to design, illustration, architecture, and visual culture. She is also one of the founders of TIRAZH - an independent publications platform.

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Photography © Dorian Todorov

Victoria Staykova member photo - Artist, graphic designer, and illustrator
Artist, graphic designer, and illustrator
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