In the sixth and final session of the "Know-How Show-How community" series, where we will delve into the realm of "Ownership of Ideas and Copyrights."

We will explore questions such as: Can we own our ideas, or we must implement the first? When does intellectual theft occur, and how can we differentiate it from two individuals independently arriving at the same idea? Additionally, we will tackle the challenges of maintaining innovation and uniqueness in the field of graphic design, considering the specific limitations that exist.

Our guests will be:

— Velina Mavrodinova / Graphic designer and Art director

— Boril Karaivanov / Graphic and web designer

— Bilyana Magardichyan / Lawyer

Guiding our discussion as the moderator will be

> Filip Boyadzhiev ( Know-How Show-How)


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Velina Mavrodinova
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Boril Karaivanov
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Bilyana Magardichyan