In order to capture the different perspectives to help us find clarity on the topic of communication ethics among all involved in the production of a creative product, we have invited representatives from various positions in the graphic design industry and are pleased to introduce them.

These are:

— Ivaylo Nedkov /creative director, (studio Four Plus)

— Gergana Dimitrova /editor in chief, (publishing house “List”)

— Viktoria Marinova / advertising manager, (Renault и Dacia)

— Filip Boyadjiev / graphic designer and educator, (Кnow-How Show-How)


> Studio Komplekt / Adriana Andreeva and Boyana Gyaurova

the event is part of the MELBA Design Festival 2022 program


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Ivaylo Nedkov
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the moderators Studio Komplekt in the person of Adriana Andreeva and Boyana Gyaurova
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Filip Boyadjiev
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Viktoria Marinova
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Gergana Dimitrova

Photography © Mihail Novakov