If the problems related to the decentralization of villages and their depopulation conserns you and you would like to contribute in finding possible solutions related to this problem,


To achieve this goal, the program will engage many tools related to field research, social and cultural entrepreneurship, development of cultural products (which can be in the form of a service, a museum, a printed publication, a new material, an orientation system, a souvenir or something brand new) and creating a prototype that will be tested in the local community setting.

In support of the creative process, experts from the fields of anthropology, arts, architecture, urbanism and cultural studies who with their rich professional and international experience will create the supporting force and source of competence for each participant in the residency program.

The team of Know-How Show-How will be a partner in the development and the production fase of the creative solutions, within the entire project, which is also part of the "Development of tourism in Northwestern Bulgaria and along the Danube" competition of the "America for Bulgaria" Foundation.

To participate in the program, we are looking for professional designers, urbanists, researchers, cultural practitioners, cultural managers, architects, visual artists, researchers, anthropologists, ethnologists, social anthropologists, including designers, etc.

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