To open our first discussion, we invited designers from the Bulgarian creative scene and from different fields and generations of the discipline. Together we will seek answers and share our struggles and rewards related to the design practices.

This are:

— Petar Zaharinov, DiFOLD (product design)

— Rada Dicheva, Tochka & Tochka (design and interior objects)

— Ivelina Gadjeva, Design for All Bulgaria Foundation (inclusive design)

— Aleksandar Gerginov, (fashion design)

— Denislav Golemanov, (graphic design)

— Maria Staynova, Lusio Architects (architecture)


> Philip Boyadzhiev and Dima Stefanova, (Know-How Show-How)


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Rada Dicheva
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Ivelina Gadjeva
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Maria Staynova
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Aleksandar Gerginov
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Denislav Golemanov
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Filip Boyadjiev and Dima Stefanova
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Petar Zaharinov

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