Design work often faces a lack of recognition or, at the very least, misconceptions. This issue becomes more challenging when it comes to discussing financial aspects. Are there objective standards and tangible metrics that can guide us in finding a fair equilibrium?

These questions, along with many others, will be explored in-depth with the participation of our panelists:

— Boril Karaivanov / Graphic and web designer, ( organizer of Typofest )

— Vera Schwartz / Client service director and partner at ( Four Plus studio )

— Lubo Nokov / Founder of Harmonica

— Vicky Staykova / Graphic designer and co-founder of (Avrtikl Bookshop)

Moderator will be

> Filip Boyadjiev (Know-How Show-How)


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Boril Karaivanov
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Vera Schwartz
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Lubo Nokov
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Victoria Staykova

Photography © Dorian Todorov