The graphic designer is no longer the person who is giving the content just a beautiful shape. Nowadays he or she has many different roles in the process of creation such as researcher, analyst, artist, mediator, psychologist, technologist and many others.

Trying to define the designer's place, our guests will be:

— Velina Mavrodinova (Studio Enthusiasm);

— Dima Stefanova (Know-How Show-How);

— Boiana Gjaurova (Studio Komplekt);

— Miroslav Zhivkov - Dzhingibi (NoPoint Atelier).

The dsicusssion will be moderated by

> Filip Boyadjiev (Know-How Show-How)


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Boiana Gjaurova
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Miroslav Zhivkov
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Velina Mavrodinova
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Dima Stefanova
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Filip Boyadjiev

Photography © Dorian Todorov