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summer residency — open call
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still waters / summer residency — open call
place-based innovations in support of rural communities
30 August 2024
10:00– 16:00h
villages Deleina, Yasen & Koshava

From AUGUST 30th to SEPTEMBER 9th in the villages of north-western Bulgaria Deleyna, Yasen and Koshava а 10-day summer residence will be held which is part of the "Residence Baba" initiative of the "Ideas Factory" association.

The residency consists of a 10-day stay and cohabitation in a local household, during which the participants will work with the local community and explore the possibilities of creating a project that will contribute to the lasting quality of life in these villages.

The deadline to apply is July 16!

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A Guide to Accessible Cultural Event
how to make cultural events accessible to people with different abilities
28 December 2023

As organizers of cultural events and people with expertise in the field of inclusive design, we sincerely believe in the societal importance of including people with different abilities.

Therefore, we do our best to ensure the necessary conditions for accessibility during our events. We have organized the accumulated experience we have gained in this endeavor into a printed form and are sharing it here for the benefit of all who wish to make their events inclusive and accessible.

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Does graphic design education have a future?
13 September 2023
free ticket with registration
Inter Expo Center / 147, Tsarigradsko shose blvd, Sofia

In the present discussion, we will focus on the state of graphic design education in Bulgaria and the directions in which it could develop in the future.


Prof. Dr. Nenko Atanasov
Prof. Ilia Kozhuharov
Alexander Ivanov
Iva Hlebarova
Dima Stefanova

moderator: Filip Boyadjiev

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Ownership of ideas and copyrightx
17 July 2023
18:30–20:30 h

The following discussion will explore questions such as: Can we own our ideas, or we must implement them first? When does intellectual theft occur, and how can we differentiate it from two individuals independently arriving at the same idea? Additionally, we will tackle the challenges of maintaining innovation and uniqueness in the field of graphic design, considering the specific limitations that exist.

The panelists will be:

Velina Mavrodinova

Boril Karaivanov

Bilyana Magardichyan

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Design work, value and pricing
31 May 2023
18:30 – 20:30h
Hyperspace Social Tech Hub Sofia

In the discussion "Design work, value and pricing" from the series "Know-How Show-How community" we open the topic of the value of the work of the graphic designer. We will not only talk about how designers determine the price of their services, but we will also discuss the criteria by which their work is evaluated.


Boril Karaivanov
Vera Schwartz
Lubo Nokov
Victoria Staykova

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Could it be a bit more fancy?
Communication ethics between clients, designers and makers
10 November 2022
18:30 – 20:30 h
Czech centre hall, Sofia

The discussion will cover the topic of communication between everyone involved in the overall development of a creative product, looking at different points of view, we will share experience in searching for an answer to the question: what does communication ethics mean in the practice of a graphic designer?

Ivaylo Nedkov
Gergana Dimitrova
Viktoria Marinova
Filip Boyadjiev

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What does it mean to be a Designer?
Discussion about the challenges connected to the creative process in different design disciplines
26 October 2022

The debate What does it mean to be a Designer? Will touch upon the challenges connected to the creative process in different design disciplines and why it is difficult for a designer to explain exactly what they are doing.

Our panelists are:

Petar Zaharinov

Rada Dicheva

Ivelina Gadjeva

Aleksandar Gerginov

Denislav Golemanov

Maria Staynova